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Headshot of Michael Wood, Found of Helium


We believe that every business deserves marketing they can be proud of

Remarkable digital marketing isn’t just for big companies – it’s for everyone! You deserve marketing that competes with the biggest players in your sector but at a fraction of the cost. The result is more exposure for your brand, improved viewer engagement, and an increased return of investment.

Marketing created for humans, not statistics

Today’s customers don’t want to be sold to. They want personalized communication and messaging that speaks to them as people, not robots. Our solutions balance understanding your customers’ expectations with your unique business needs to create an exceptional user experience. It all starts with fully empathizing with your customers’ problems, and presenting a solution that motivates sales.

Creative professionals by your side, today and into the future

We’re a diverse, multi-disciplined group of marketing, tech, and creative professionals passionate about what we do. You can count on us to become your marketing partner.

Photo of Michael Wood

Michael Wood

( he / him / his )
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Photo of Malika Shiganbayeva

Malika Shiganbayeva

( she/her/hers )
Marketing Associate
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Photo of Emma Kleinhans

Emma Kleinhans

( she / her / hers )
Social Media Manager
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Photo of Nick Gounezis

Nick Gounezis

( he / him / his )
Growth Marketing Specialist
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Photo of Emily Milling

Emily Milling

( she / her / hers )
Podcast Producer, The Ultimate Creative
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Photo of Derick Badze

Derick Badze

( he / him / his )
UX Design Specialist, edgeBD
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Photo of Patience Badze

Patience Badze

( she / her / hers )
Brand Development Expert, edgeBD
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Photo of Hollie Hoadley

Hollie Hoadley

( she / her / hers )
Brand Strategist, Creative Solutions
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Photo of Meg Matera

Meg Matera

( she / her / hers )
Photographer, Meg Matera Photography
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Photo of Richard Todd

Richard Todd

( he / him / his )
Content Lead, The Editor's Desk
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Embracing technology to solve problems, not create them

We only recommend best-of-breed technology that has been thoroughly tested. Our goal is to overcome obstacles you’re facing now with future-proof software that features automated updates to ensure long-term efficiency. We work with you to understand your unique needs, refining each interaction point before implementing new technology.

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