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Video Marketing Toronto

Shoot for the stars with a compelling corporate video

Online video content is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Effective videos tell your story in a more engaging way than any other medium while improving your search results and adding value to your website at the same time.

Recording footage at a professional video marketing studio.

Compelling videos that perform seamlessly on any platform

Helium specializes in creating digital video content that grabs your audience’s attention in the first few seconds and keeps them watching until the end. We use a lean Toronto video production team and a modern video editing process that ensures fast turnaround times.

Whether you want to raise brand awareness, get more engagement, or increase your bottom line, our videos will share your message on any platform.

Any type of corporate video production you need, including:

  • Corporate videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Event coverage
  • Product videos
  • Social stories
  • Video ads
  • Video case studies

We believe that a successful animated or live-action video goes beyond production quality. The keys are understanding what messaging you want to encapsulate and developing a video marketing campaign aligned with your goals. Helium’s multi-channel distribution strategy ensures that your video content gets you the widest reach possible to get you to your goals sooner.

Our Video Marketing Process


Our video production team will take the time to learn all about your business goals and set up a professional shoot at your convenience.

Get Started


We’ll review the raw footage together, compile feedback, and collaborate to create the final cut.


Our video marketing strategy will unleash your video into digital space to increase click-throughs, encourage social sharing, and boost conversions. 

Female model working on set at studio, white backing.

Corporate video production for better SEO visibility

Search engines and social media sites prioritize videos over all other content in their search algorithms. Our videos are created and optimized with techniques that will help elevate your content in search results. Better visibility leads to a higher click-through rate, more traffic, and increased sales.

Supercharge social media activity

Whether you need short social videos for posts, stories, or paid video ads, our video content is created for sharing! Our approach helps you get a competitive edge on the most popular social platforms and bring more people to your landing page. You’ll create deeper connections with thousands – possibly millions – of people within a short time frame, fostering new relationships and building leads that increase sales. 

Video advertisement recording in progress at a studio.
Cooking tutorial recording in progress.

Taking your video to the masses

It’s not enough to just post your video to your website – you need to take it to your target audience through a video marketing strategy. We’ll seamlessly integrate your video into your current digital marketing strategy to give it maximum exposure through YouTube marketing, PPC ads, email campaigns, blog posts, and social media channels. Your audience will view your video when they’re most receptive to messaging, triggering the response you need to build your business. 

Our fully collaborative approach

Helium’s video production team will work with you to develop a story aligned with your company’s message, voice, and objectives. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service, commitment to quality, and ongoing client support we’ve built our reputation on. 

Helium video marketing studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan video content?

We’re here to help you plan an effective content strategy that will engage your audience and be sustainable for a long-term impact. Your video content should fit into your overall marketing goals and be shown at the right times throughout your customers’ journey.

What makes an effective marketing video?

There are a lot of factors that impact the probability of success. Two things you need to ensure is did the video send the right message and was it displayed correctly to your target audience?

If your video has a compelling message and the right people watch it, that’s a success. Our process takes every client through the steps to understand how the video will be used. We adjust the messaging, so it resonates with your viewers. The video marketing campaign may also leverage email marketing, display advertising, or social media channels to reach your specific audience.

Why is video so important in marketing?

Your customers expect more in the age of content. Video engages your audience in a way that traditional content can’t. The benefits of video marketing include communicating your message in an easily digestible way, better audience retention, and higher conversion rates. Video content can also be distributed across multiple platforms.