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Event Videography

Capturing your next event with high-quality event video production

Helium understands that when it comes to corporate or family event video production, there are no do-overs. Every important aspect of your event has to be captured in real-time to tell its complete story.

Helium's event video production services provide you with expert storytellers committed to presenting a polished video you'll be proud to share with a wide audience.

Our professional video production team shoots, edits, and delivers superb high-quality video content that makes connections. Whether you need to preserve special family moments or build customer relationships, we'll produce a beautiful video that looks amazing on virtually any platform.

Our Event Video Production Process


Tell us about your goals and what you would like your end result to look and feel like. Our video pre-production team will develop a plan just right for you

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We show up on time and prepared for your event day, ready to blend into the crowd to capture each highlight and special intimate moment


Helium's post-production team will provide a quick turnaround for your video, so you can enjoy and share the final product with your guests sooner


Telling your story with beautiful, high-quality event videography services

Our in-house team of video production experts understands that the key to great video is in the details. Prior to event day, we do a site visit and prepare a plan to leverage the best possible lighting and shot angles for ultimate results. Once the cameras start rolling, weaccurately capture the excitement and energy of the event so it's preserved forever.

Professional, reliable video services

The energetic Helium team will arrive at the promised time and stay for the entire event to document everything. We skilfully adhere to all dress codes and blend into the crowd seamlessly to catch those wonderful candid special moments you'll want to remember. Our video production team will manage the hosts, VIPs, award recipients, and other guests for group shots. Our video content is continually backed up, so there's no risk of footage being lost or misplaced.

Group shot of people

Professional post-event video editing and post-production

The event might be over, but our work continues at our in-house post-production studio. We'll take the raw footage and create a compelling story that people will want to watch again and again. Our editing services include colour correction, animated titles and graphics, closed captioning, video stabilization, and other enhancements that ensure your video looks and sounds crisp, clear, and beyond your expectations. We'll also create a shorter highlights video for condensed viewing.

Fast turnaround on the finished video

Helium knows you're excited to see the final product and share it on your website, social media channels, and at trade shows. Our team sticks to firm, clear deadlines so you know when to expect your finished video. The rights to the video content remain solely with you.

A collaborative event videography experience

With Helium, you're always in the director's chair! Our video production experts will work closely with you to ensure we meet all of your requirements and goals. We always welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and will treat you with the courtesy and respect you expect and deserve.

Corporate event video production that gets you more clients

Whether you're posting your corporate event video on your website, YouTube channel, or branded streaming services, or taking it on the road for meetings or trade shows, we'll craft your event story to help you close more deals. Video's power to create relationships and maximize target audience engagement is virtually limitless – let our corporate video production services harness it to increase your customer base.

We also place a special focus on video marketing. Ask about our customized video marketing strategies that will get your video in front of your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan video content?

Helium works with you to plan an effective content strategy that will engage your audience and be sustainable for a long-term impact. Your video content should fit into your overall marketing goals and be shown at the right times throughout your customers' journey. 

What makes an effective marketing video?

There are a lot of factors that impact the probability of success. Two things you need to ensure is did the video send the right message and was it displayed correctly to your target audience?

If your video has a compelling message and the right people watch it, that’s a success. Our process takes every client through the steps to understand how the video will be used. We adjust the messaging, so it resonates with your viewers. The video marketing campaign may also leverage email marketing, display advertising, or social media channels to reach your specific audience.

What are the top benefits of video marketing?

Video marketing can bump your SEO results to increase viewer engagement. It may keep your audience on your website longer and help them understand your product or services in a more in-depth way. This all leads to increased customer loyalty and retention.  

Why use video for your marketing?

It is simply the best way to make a remarkable and lasting connection with your audience. Set up a quick touchpoint call below to see how we can take your business sky high! 

Why is video so important in marketing?

Your customers expect more. Video engages your audience in a way that traditional content can’t. The benefits of video marketing include communicating your message in an easily digestible way, better audience retention, and higher conversion rates. Video content can also be distributed across multiple platforms. 

How will a video help my business gain brand awareness?

Video creates an extra eye-catching quality for your website and your marketing. It can tell a story about your company, give inside information to your audience about how your product works or is created and can build authentic relationships with your clientele.

How can video help explain my product or service?

Consumers enjoy buying products they understand and can relate to. Showing how your product works or how your service benefits others is simple with a video. What may take a paragraph or more of writing, only takes a few seconds of video and gains more attention than simply having a written story on a website.

What are all of the ways I can use video to promote my business?

Video is really adaptable to be used in so many different ways. Set up a monthly or weekly vlog to showcase new products or services or tell a story about current ones. Create attention-grabbing social media posts when people are scrolling. Produce a shareable content marketing video to gain a broader audience. If you would like to explore any of these options or others for your business, we’d love to chat! Click our Get in Touch button below.