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Website Development For Franchises And Multi-Location Businesses

Preserve brand integrity

Professionally-designed websites are crucial to generating quality leads. However, your franchise landing pages need to have a consistent look, feel, and functionality to preserve the integrity of your brand.

Multi location design concept.

Create a consistent look across your franchise landing pages

Franchise websites – also called microsites – are the landing pages where your customers submit their information to perform a function, such as book a service appointment or check product stock levels. Each franchise page must connect directly with the corresponding database and communications portal to give potential customers an optimal user experience.

That’s why web design for franchises is critical to your inbound marketing strategy.

Our Process


We’ll lead a thorough discovery session to learn everything about your brand, business, and goals – and have fun while doing it!

Get Started


Our team of developers will present a visual prototype of your website with a thorough review session


We’ll make sure everything is locked and loaded before we launch your website into the digital world.

Franchisee owner in office browsing new landing page.

Simple, consistent franchise website design that converts

We create responsive websites that are clean with brief copy, easy-to-find franchise information, and prominent call-to-action buttons. Our goal is to provide all relevant information at a glance so potential customers can take quick action.

Maintain consistent, uniform look across all landing pages

You’ve worked hard to develop how your brand looks and feels on your corporate site. All of your franchise websites will reflect that look to build trust, which makes the difference between converting and losing a lead. 

Franchisee owner reviwing protoype website on his laptop.
Corperate advisor discussing news with franchisee owner over the phone.

Direct customer interaction with franchise locations

It’s not time-efficient for anyone to have customer inquiries forwarded to a central repository. Enhance the customer experience by having all product searches, appointment bookings, and information requests sent directly to the franchise to manage themselves.

Robust franchise databases

Independent franchise information is stored in a secure database that loads seamlessly into the franchise pages. Data points include address, contact information, geo-location map, franchise owner name, customer reviews, and more.

Young franchised restaurant owner standing by the bar counter.
Female advisor taking notes while being debriefed at an outdoor cafe.

Attract high-quality franchisees

A great franchise marketing strategy creates additional streams of income through attracting potential high-quality franchise clients who want to partner with you. Our solution will help you seamlessly create a new landing page for each new franchise business you open, making franchise recruitment easier and more profitable.

Our fully collaborative approach

We care about what’s important to you. That’s why the Helium team takes the time to develop franchise websites that keep your needs and goals first and foremost. Let’s design and develop a comprehensive franchise website solution together that builds your franchise locations and increases your bottom line.

Young business women exlporing a franchise landing page.

Add these specialized digital marketing services to build your business even faster:

SEO strategies

Search engine optimization solutions that help your website soar as close to the top of Google’s search engine rankings as possible for better lead generation

Social media management

Get ready to go viral with integrated social media content that increases traffic to your website and builds your base

Email marketing

Get your blog post delivered straight to your customers’ inboxes along with other high-quality content we design and broadcast for you

Content marketing

Integrated blog marketing services, social media management, email marketing, and more for a complete online marketing solution that covers all the bases

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ongoing cost to building a WordPress website?

We love teaching business owners or internal communications professionals how to use their websites and how to grow them. After all, your website is only effective if it's kept up to date. We do offer maintenance packages for businesses that simply want that done-for-you service but encourage clients to learn how to use the websites for themselves. You will also probably be paying domain name and web hosting costs which range from $10 to $30 a month for whichever hosting provider you choose. 

How do I find the right web design agency?

There are many differences in people's personalities, technical strengths, and support structures. It's essential to find a web designer you feel good about. As much as we want you to work with us, we know there are many talented professionals, so here is what we recommend you prioritize:

1) Does their website and portfolio show me they have the technical skills?

2) Do they understand my business goals?

3) Is the agency within my price range where I can confidently get the results I'm looking for?

Does my website have to comply with AODA/WCAG 2.1?

In Ontario, you will need to make sure your website is compliant with the accessibility guidelines set up in the AODA and WCAG 2.1 if you have more than 20 employees. This is a big change and has a big impact on the design and functionality of your website. We will help you navigate these regulations to make sure your website is accessible by anyone. 

Do I need a web designer?

Your website reflects your business and hiring a web designer or design agency will help create a professional site that aligns with your business goals. Aside from the technical obstacles in creating a website, web designers understand how visitors navigate your website and shape the website around a great user experience. If you’ve ever tried to write a biography, you know just how hard it is to capture what matters most to others.