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Creative Partner: Emma Kleinhans

Meet Emma ( she / her / hers )

Social Media Manager


Community Management, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy Planning


My passion as a social media manager is creating content that aligns with my clients goals and identity. Managing my clients social media accounts allows me to increase the engagement of their social media platforms and helps to build long lasting relationships and rapport with other businesses and potential clients. Strategically scheduling their content expands their reach and engagement which in turn helps to target and connect with their main audiences, which is an important part of growing a business.

When I’m not being creative professionally, I’m usually being creative in other ways as I enjoy drawing, reading and cooking.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be in a career and part of a company that allows me to express my creativity to help businesses reach their highest potential through social media marketing and would love the opportunity to help your business in the future.

Headshot of Emma Kleinhans

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