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Accelerate Growth

Build forward momentum

When it comes to your business, “good enough” is never good enough. We power your business upward trajectory with accelerated growth strategies geared to build your business faster, putting altitude between you and your competition.

Real digital marketing that gets real results

Your business is in a race for the top. We’ll help you deliver more wins with marketing campaigns built around how far and how fast you want your business to grow. With Helium, you’ll reach your goals faster, no matter how high!

Customer Experience Design

Most marketing strategies involve some variation of a sales funnel. Customer experience design (CX) goes deeper by establishing the buyer’s relationship with your business. The result is a more engaged customer opinion of your company, making sales easier and customers happier.

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Email & Marketing Automation

Your customers gave you their email address for a reason: they want to hear from you! To maximize sales from your email list you need an email marketing strategy that provides new lead generation, promotes customer engagement, and encourages additional sales. 

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Presentation Design & Pitch Decks

Whether you’re pitching to customers, colleagues, or potential investors, there are no second chances. Your messaging must be clear, compelling, and concise to get your audience on board the first time. We can help by creating a visually impactful and engaging PowerPoint or Keynote deck that will strike a chord with your audience and set you up for success. 

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Influencer Marketing Management

Influencer marketing is an impactful way of getting your products in front of thousands of people from a source they trust. The biggest challenge is connecting with the right social media influencers whose followers are a good match for your products. 

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