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Digital Wellness Policy


This digital wellness policy applies to all our employees, contractors, and customers.

Policy elements

This policy promotes digital wellness through healthy guidelines which create better physical and mental well-being.

What is the digital wellness policy?

We are made up of creative professionals who spend the majority of our time online. This digital wellness policy allows our people (employees, contractors, and customers) to maintain healthy work habits, reducing burnout. It sets clear expectations on how and when we communicate to prevent daily job creep.

At Helium, we believe that a physically and mentally strong team results in our world-class customer service mindset. To achieve our goal of delivering highly relevant and personalized customer experiences we subscribe to the following policies:

Digital Wellness Do’s

  • To give our clients and our team a break we won’t respond to emails after working hours.
  • During the day we encourage batch processing of emails, to create better work focus.
  • We encourage face-to-face interactions online through video calling platforms.
  • Avoid communication overload by consolidating emails or meetings as much as possible.
  • Simplify communication channels to limit the number of apps or locations for information.

Digital Wellness Don’ts

  • Don’t respond unless necessary.
  • Don’t say yes if you don’t understand something. Ask a question always.
  • Don’t speak on behalf of others.
  • Don’t get too technical.
  • Don’t use acronyms.
  • Don’t send fragmented emails.