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Influencer Marketing Management

Elevate your brand with influencer relationship management

Influencer campaign management is one of the most powerful tools in your social media marketing arsenal. Let's put our influencer management tools to work for you.

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Influencer marketing programs are an impactful way of getting your products in front of thousands of potential customers from a source they trust. The biggest challenge is connecting with the right social influencers whose audience demographics and audience size are a good match for your products.

That's where Helium's Influencer Relationship Management comes in. We'll build positive relationships and engage with the most appropriate social media influencers for your brand. Influencer marketing can be cheaper than advertising, as many relevant influencers will come on board for complementary products or access to your service.

You'll turn the influencer's social media followers into your target audience, resulting in massive exposure and bigger sales for your products.

Our Process


Let's discuss your influencer marketing goals and build influencer lists of social media personalities who are the best match for your brand. 

Get Started


Our team will create custom messaging tailored to each influencer, ensuring that influencer marketing campaign aligns with your specific goals. 


We'll build and manage each influencer partnership and track results as they spread the word about your products on their social media platforms to your target audiences. 

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Making the right connections with our influencer marketing strategy

We'll determine the type of influencers you need to connect your products with during our initial discovery phase. We will research the most appropriate connections from our massive database of influencers. Whether you're looking for celebrities with millions of followers, a micro-influencer with less than 5,000 followers, or anyone in between, Helium's influencer selection process will build the best list for you every time.

Results-driven influencer campaigns

Before contacting your potential influencers, you'll need messaging that motivates them into further engagement. We'll connect you with the right types of influencers by researching their backstories and social media posts for relevant common ties to your products and create content that builds synergy and enhances their individual creativity and uniqueness.

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Male chef recording video content with female influencer as guest.

Influencer relationship management done for you

Our hands-on, personalized approach to managing your influencer program will get their attention and open them up to building a relationship. We do all the outreach and manage each influencer's expectations as we work to get your products in front of their followers. With our influencer program, you could be the next resident of Viral Nation!

Unparalleled exposure on social platforms

Relevant influencers will talk about your products, product launches, and more on a blog post, in video, or through their social channels. Connect with their followers by fostering genuine influencer collaborations that boost your online presence and builds your customer base.

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Tracking influencer marketing success

Create specific hashtags for your influencers to use when talking about your products on their social media platforms. Our influencer marketing platform provides detailed analytics that track audience insights when people use these hashtags or mention your products or brand. Our marketing team will present these detailed insights in an easy-to-read report.

A collaborative approach to influencer campaign success

Helium is your premium influencer marketing agency! We specialize in developing strong relationships to bring our clients the maximum level of long-term benefits. Our customized strategies are delivered with a client experience that ensures your individual needs are kept first and foremost. Start reaching thousands of buyers and increasing sales with an influencer marketing campaign today!

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