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Accessible Website Design (AODA/WCAG)

Improving website experiences for everyone

Good design should be inclusive to provide a better experience for all users, not just to meet legal requirements. Accessible design not only benefits people with disabilities but looks at enabling technology for users that may use screen-readers while on-the-go or closed captioning in loud environments. Everyone should have to access your company's products and services.

Young business women browsing a AODA compliant website.

Functional websites that help you reach your accessibility goals

What is website accessibility?

The purpose of the law is to ensure that users with disabilities have equitable access to your website. They must be able to perceive, comprehend, navigate, and engage with every one of your online elements.

Meeting an accessibility standard can significantly impact your website design. Helium can help determine and achieve your accessibility goals to ensure your website is accessible as possible to everyone.

Which businesses need to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant in Ontario?

Reach more customers and increase sales with a customer experience that includes people of all abilities. Talk to Helium about a customized accessible website solution today!

Our Web Design Process


We’ll lead a thorough discovery session to learn everything about your brand, business, and goals – and have fun while doing it!

Get Started


Our team of developers will present a visual prototype of your website with a thorough review session.


We’ll make sure everything is locked and loaded before we launch your website into the digital world.

Adult man listening to audio description on landing page.

Removing engagement barriers for customer queries

When people need to get in touch with your online sales team, your website needs to accommodate everyone. Sophisticated, easy-to-use customer service chat apps support people who are visually impaired or can’t use a keyboard or mouse. Create an exceptional user experience on desktop computers and mobile devices that will bring in repeat business.

Ecommerce websites everyone can navigate and understand

Enhance your online store with simple navigation tools that ensure complete accessibility. Product images and descriptions, input fields, shopping carts, and checkout functions will be optimized for people of all abilities, pushing you closer to fulfilling your accessibility requirements.

Senior women browsing an AODA accessible ecommerce store.
Young adult reading alt description on a websites home page.

Fully accessible web design and accessible content

No accessible design detail will be missed. Your design will contain accessibility features such as appropriate background colours, descriptive labels, alternative text, colour contrast ratio, customized interactive elements, screen readers, optimized images, form controls and more to provide an optimal experience for every user, including your employees with disabilities.

Our fully collaborative approach

Web content accessibility guidelines under WCAG 2.1 and AAA can be confusing. Our design team takes the worry out of the details to help you meet your compliance targets with accessibility audits to address website accessibility issues as described under AODA. Let’s work together on an accessible web design strategy to increase website accessibility, reach more customers, and increase sales.

Adult Business Person reviewing AODA functionality features on landing page.

Increase traffic to your accessible website with these digital marketing services:

SEO strategies

Search engine optimization solutions that help your website soar as close to the top of Google’s search engine rankings as possible for better lead generation

Social media management

Get ready to go viral with integrated social media content that increases traffic to your website and builds your base

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Get your blog post delivered straight to your customers’ inboxes along with other high-quality content we design and broadcast for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ongoing cost to building a WordPress website?

We love teaching business owners or internal communications professionals how to use their websites and grow them. After all, your website is only effective if it's kept up to date. We do offer maintenance packages for businesses that simply want that done-for-you service but encourage clients to learn how to use the websites for themselves. You will also probably be paying domain name and web hosting costs which range from $10 to $30 a month for whichever hosting provider you choose.

How do I find the right web design agency?

There are many differences in people's personalities, technical strengths, and support structures. It's essential to find a web designer you feel good about. As much as we want you to work with us, we know there are many talented professionals, so here is what we recommend you prioritize:

1) Does their website and portfolio show me they have the technical skills?

2) Do they understand my business goals?

3) Is the agency within my price range where I can confidently get the results I'm looking for?

Does my website have to comply with AODA/WCAG 2.1?

In Ontario, you will need to make sure your website is compliant with the accessibility guidelines set up in the AODA and WCAG 2.1 if you have more than 20 employees. This is a big change and has a large impact on the design and functionality of your website. We will help you navigate these regulations to make sure your website is accessible to anyone.

Do I need a web designer?

Your website reflects your business and hiring a web designer or design agency will help create a professional site that aligns with your business goals. Aside from the technical obstacles in creating a website, web designers understand how visitors navigate your website and shape the website around a great user experience. If you’ve ever tried to write a biography, you know just how hard it is to capture what matters most to others.