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Email Marketing Agency

Fire up your email marketing campaigns with email automation

Email and marketing automation will dramatically increase the value of your email list and convert your target audience into paying customers. The most significant value that email automation brings is that it does all the work of an entire team of email marketing experts at a fraction of the cost.

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Converting subscribers into paying customers

Your customers gave you their email address for a reason: they want to hear from you! To maximize sales from your email list you need an email marketing solution that provides new lead generation, promotes customer engagement, and encourages additional sales.

When you need a full-service email marketing agency, talk to the digital marketing specialists at Helium.

Our Process


We'll work together to build and leverage your email list, so your campaign reaches the largest possible audience to help you hit your business goals.

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Our team will design your email marketing strategy and marketing automation streams for maximum sales conversion from your target audience. 


We'll review the results together, discuss refinements, and continue our email campaigns to keep driving business growth and improving conversion rates. 

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Building your email list to broaden your reach

The bigger the audience list, the bigger the sales opportunity! Let's use a wide variety of email campaigns to send communications that delight readers, delivered at the right time rather than adding more junk to their inbox. We'll simultaneously build your email and marketing automation solution so when your email list is ready, your email campaigns will be prepared for liftoff.

Timely automated responses for conversion optimization

Regular touch points with your email base keep your products top of mind with subscribers. However, customer responses also need to be addressed promptly with the correct information. Complex automation tools take care of that for you by switching streams based on the customer's response. The automated email marketing platform can help match products to the user's needs and manage the sales process, building customer loyalty and enhancing the overall customer experience.  

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Beautiful email graphic design and custom content for exceptional performance

Customizable templates align perfectly with your brand for a consistent look and feel. Dynamic subject lines and completely custom email content adjust seamlessly for each customer journey for completely customized drip campaigns, even when split testing. Custom landing pages encourage actions that move customers through the email marketing funnel.

Enhance customer profiles for better customer relationships

Automation can help you build a clearer picture of your customers based on their interactions with your messaging. Learn which of your products excite them, what type of marketing communications they enjoy, and how they view your overall brand. We can then adjust your messages to maximize engagement, get more clicks, and further develop your customer relationships.

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Business women is impressed with seamless email marketing process.

Expanding your brand personality with each marketing effort

Email marketing is about building relationships. If your messages look like spam, your customers will treat them as spam. The key is to continually preserve your brand personality by reflecting on what attracted them to your company in the first place. Engaging messaging that offers to solve problems, keep your audience informed, and puts a smile on their faces will help move them through the digital marketing funnel faster.

Completely managed process makes email marketing easy

Helium takes care of every aspect of the process, including email newsletter design and deployment, automation streams development and management, managing email marketing software, handling email deliverability issues, and measuring results. We'll keep you in the loop with regular reporting and analysis for ongoing email campaign optimization.

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A collaborative approach to success

Helium understands that every client is different, and works alongside business owners just like you to develop digital strategies as unique as you are. We deliver an exceptional client experience that focuses on helping you achieve long-term sustainable success with a customized email marketing plan.