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Corporate Video Production Toronto

Business video production that gives your brand a lift

Helium communicates your message to the world and builds strong relationships with potential customers by producing compelling business videos. Your company needs to stand out, we work with you to incorporate your brand and vision. We generate outstanding results by using latest production gear to create a high-definition video you and your customers will love.

Your Business Needs – First

Our video production team will develop a video for your business that’s aligned with your company’s message, voice, and objectives, whether you want to raise brand awareness, get more engagement, or raise your bottom line. You’ll also get our outstanding customer experience and personal attention – every time.

Top 3 reasons your business should have outstanding marketing videos

  1. Higher sales - videos are known to boost your revenue, making this a great return on investment
  2. User comprehension - 94% increase of user understanding of a product or service compared to photos alone
  3. Brand trust - videos build brand trust and awareness

Our Video Production Process


Our video production team will take the time to learn all about your business goals and set up a professional shoot at your convenience.

Get Started


We’ll review the raw footage together, compile feedback, and collaborate to create the final cut.


Our video marketing strategy will unleash your video into digital space to increase click-throughs, encourage social sharing, and boost conversions. 

Two businessmen are in front of the camera during a corporate video shoot.

Brand Awareness

Leading-edge marketing for your business needs. We tell your story through different mediums depending on your desired outcome. We create sizzle reels, personalized interactive shorts, item showcase for shoppable websites, social media clips, behind the scenes movies, whatever your needs are - we create it! Engaging storytelling to keep them watching until the very end.

Increase Social Activity

We take an approach to sharing your company’s message through short social media videos that together create a complete understanding of your products or services. We produce compelling videos that touch viewers on an emotional level, increasing your relationship with your audience, raising your brand profile, and building leads, no matter which industry you’re in.

Cameraman filming a model.
Corporate video recording in progress.

Appear More Often Online

It’s no secret that search engines and social media sites prioritize video over all other types of content. Our search specialists apply the same detailed techniques to your videos no matter what platform to maximize exposure. Learn more about how our videos will elevate your content in search results higher than ever before.

Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan effective video content for my business?

Helium works with you to plan an effective content strategy that will engage your audience and be sustainable for a long-term impact. Your video content should fit into your overall marketing goals and be shown at the right times throughout your customers' journey. 

What makes an effective marketing video?

There are a lot of factors that impact the probability of success. Two things you need to ensure is did the video send the right message and was it displayed correctly to your target audience?

If your video has a compelling message and the right people watch it, that’s a success. Our process takes every client through the steps to understand how the video will be used. We adjust the messaging, so it resonates with your viewers. The video marketing campaign may also leverage email marketing, display advertising, or social media channels to reach your specific audience.

What are the top benefits of video marketing?

Video marketing can bump your SEO results to increase viewer engagement. It may keep your audience on your website longer and help them understand your product or services in a more in-depth way. This all leads to increased customer loyalty and retention.  

Why use video for your marketing?

It is simply the best way to make a remarkable and lasting connection with your audience. Set up a quick touchpoint call below to see how we can take your business sky high! 

Why is video so important in marketing?

Your customers expect more. Video engages your audience in a way that traditional content can’t. The benefits of video marketing include communicating your message in an easily digestible way, better audience retention, and higher conversion rates. Video content can also be distributed across multiple platforms. 

How will a video help my business gain brand awareness?

Video creates an extra eye-catching quality for your website and your marketing. It can tell a story about your company, give inside information to your audience about how your product works or is created and can build authentic relationships with your clientele.

How can video help explain my product or service?

Consumers enjoy buying products they understand and can relate to. Showing how your product works or how your service benefits others is simple with a video. What may take a paragraph or more of writing, only takes a few seconds of video and gains more attention than simply having a written story on a website.

What are all of the ways I can use video to promote my business?

Video is really adaptable to be used in so many different ways. Set up a monthly or weekly vlog to showcase new products or services or tell a story about current ones. Create attention-grabbing social media posts when people are scrolling. Produce a shareable content marketing video to gain a broader audience, or use it for your recruitment and staff retention. If you would like to explore any of these options or others for your business, we’d love to chat! Click our Get in Touch button below.