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Content Marketing Specialist

Skyrocketing search results and lead generation starts with Helium

Marketing is changing. No longer is it enough to send messages out to the world to attract customers. You now must provide extra value to bring customers in - even before you ever interact with them.

We create engaging content that sets you apart from the competition by providing the information your target audience needs – when they need it. The results are strong relationships and improved engagement with your ideal customer, higher search results, aggressive business growth, and a positive return on investment you don't get with traditional marketing.

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Content marketing solutions that improve online visibility

Helium is your full-service digital marketing agency ready to help you create relationships, build your client base, and increase profits.

Our Content Marketing Process


Our Toronto marketing agency creative team takes the time to learn about your business needs and brand values to design a uniquely tailored content marketing strategy.

Get Started


Together we'll go over your customized content marketing solution in detail, taking the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns.


We'll skillfully deploy your solution and keep you in the loop throughout the campaign to review results and make adjustments where necessary.     

A full suite of content strategies that support your digital marketing campaigns

Helium believes in helping you make choices that work for your business. That's why we specialize in creating a wide range of content marketing assets that integrate seamlessly into your overall digital marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.

Blog posts

Web pages

Case studies

Email newsletters

Press releases

White papers




Google reviews



Digital campaigns supported by our specialized content strategists take your messaging to your target audience - and help convert them faster.

Engaging, sharable content for your social media marketing efforts

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach thousands of people at once with your messages. We'll create original content that fuels your social media campaigns. Increase likes, shares, and comments which lead to more followers, improved brand advocacy, and an enhanced online presence on your social channels. 

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Better search engine optimization and higher rankings

High-quality content helps your search engine optimization campaign by sending target customers back to your website and increasing the time spent on your on-page content, improving your Google search results and online presence to potential customers. Enjoy sustainable growth and a substantial increase in your digital presence with a content and digital marketing solution that enhances your SEO strategy.  

Multiple content distribution channels

Our digital marketing experts utilize carefully selected digital channels for maximum conversion optimization and customer engagement. We'll broadcast your content through an email marketing campaign/marketing automation, social media, Google Ads, and other inbound marketing tools the biggest, most influential brands do.  

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Elevated client service experience

Helping you attract new customers is what Helium does best, along with providing an excellent customer service experience that never leaves you behind. Our goal as your digital marketing partner is to build strong long-term relationships and help create positive results for your business - and have fun while doing it!