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Website Maintenance Plans

Website failures are so yesterday

When running an online business, you want to spend time getting more customers, not maintaining your website. Helium website maintenance solutions will ensure your website is updated, backed up, and protected against malicious threats. We’ll ensure your website runs safely, securely, and efficiently 24/7, bringing you peace of mind that your customers will have an excellent experience.

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Complete solutions for your growing business

Launching your business website for the first time is exciting – but the work is only just beginning. That’s because plugins, software, themes, and security patches require regular updates, often without warning. You also need to ensure your website consistently performs well, is backed up often, and is safe from cyberattacks. As you’re working on getting your business up and running, you don’t have time to keep checking your website for updates. We’ll make time to make sure your website is secure and updated, so you don’t have to.

Enhanced performance for high-traffic websites

As more customers land on your website, providing them with an optimal experience is critical to stay ahead of your competitors. Websites with broken links, slow-loading pages, and unoptimized content will ruin the experience for your customer, prompting them to go somewhere else. We take the worry away by ensuring that your website loads quickly and efficiently and has no broken links. We’ll also keep your website compliant with Google’s Core Web Vitals, which helps your SEO rankings, and protect your website and backup files with ironclad security technology.

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Content updates that keep your website current

Another critical aspect of website maintenance is keeping your content fresh. Regularly updating your content shows Google that you’re consistently providing relevant information to your customers, which helps you maintain high search rankings. Helium goes the extra mile by taking care of content updates for you too. We’ll make required on-demand changes to your web pages, upload your blog posts, refresh product descriptions, add new images, create forms, and more. We’ll help keep your website fresh and exciting while you focus on expanding your empire.


Straight-forward pricing so you can focus on building your business, not monitoring website updates.


For small businesses and solopreneurs


  • Monthly backups
  • Site scanning and malware protection
  • Monthly WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Ongoing checks for broken links
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For rapidly growing businesses


  • Everything in basic plus:
  • Weekly backups
  • Performance optimizations
  • Image optimization
  • Security firewall
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Advanced Email Delivery Setup


Comprehensive coverage


  • Everything in basic & performance plus:
  • Minor content updates
  • Publishing of your blog posts
  • Analytics monitoring & support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ongoing cost to building a WordPress website?

We love teaching business owners or internal communications professionals how to use their websites and how to grow them. After all, your website is only effective if it's kept up to date. We do offer maintenance packages for businesses that simply want that done-for-you service but encourage clients to learn how to use the websites for themselves. You will also probably be paying domain name and web hosting costs which range from $10 to $30 a month for whichever hosting provider you choose. 

How do I find the right web design agency?

There are many differences in people's personalities, technical strengths, and support structures. It's essential to find a web designer you feel good about. As much as we want you to work with us, we know there are many talented professionals, so here is what we recommend you prioritize:

1) Does their website and portfolio show me they have the technical skills?

2) Do they understand my business goals?

3) Is the agency within my price range where I can confidently get the results I'm looking for?

Does my website have to comply with AODA/WCAG 2.1?

In Ontario, you will need to make sure your website is compliant with the accessibility guidelines set up in the AODA and WCAG 2.1 if you have more than 20 employees. This is a big change and has a large impact on the design and functionality of your website. We will help you navigate these regulations to make sure your website is accessible by anyone. 

Do I need a web designer?

Your website reflects your business and hiring a web designer or design agency will help create a professional site that aligns with your business goals. Aside from the technical obstacles in creating a website, web designers understand how visitors navigate your website and shape the website around a great user experience. If you’ve ever tried to write a biography, you know just how hard it is to capture what matters most to others.