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Creative Partner: Meg Matera

Meet Meg ( she / her / hers )

Photographer, Meg Matera Photography




Firstly, I love a great belly laugh, I love my puppy, and I love meeting people and hearing their stories – all ideal things to love when you’re a professional photographer (yes, including the puppy. Just look at him!!). My self-made business has grown over the last 10 years to centre around retail photography as well as commercial, and I strive to create solid relationships with my clients that will extend to any area of photography they may need. Whether the focus includes families, headshots, or showcasing a business at its finest, my clients can expect a fun, comfortable, and collaborative environment to thrive in (plus, terrible puns are always welcome). I love having the opportunity of perspective, and bring this to every job I do. My passion for photography – and life – will never stop growing!

Meg is a professional portrait and event photographer – Toronto based, available worldwide. She studied at Humber College for Creative Photography, and Ryerson University for Graphic Communications Management. On the side, she is the current Industry Liaison for the Creative Photography Program at Humber College, ie. the crazy person training the youth of tomorrow to take her jobs. She knows the whole process to prep your photos for their end result – along with photography and graphic design, she also has a background in commercial and fine art printing.

Headshot of Meg Matera

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