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Social Media Video Services

Videos that look great and fit perfectly on any social media platform

There’s a reason why social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have embraced social video – customers love watching and sharing them! Getting your brand messaging out on social media is key to growing your business. By using social video, you’ll be engaging people faster, getting more likes, comments, and shares, and increasing your company’s reach.

Enrich Your Social Media Marketing

Our video marketing team will meet with you to learn all about your needs, wants, and business goals. From there, we’ll come up with a series of recommendations that will help you leverage social videos to help get more leads and make additional sales.

Social Media Video Production Process


Our video production team will take the time to learn all about your business goals and set up a professional shoot at your convenience.

Get Started


We’ll review the raw footage together, compile feedback, and collaborate to create the final cut.


Our video marketing strategy will unleash your video into digital space to increase click-throughs, encourage social sharing, and boost conversions. 

Laptop with a social media feed on the screen.

Cross-platform compatibility

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat all have different aspect ratio requirements. Whether you need portrait video or square, your video will perform seamlessly and look great on every social media platform. Proper formatting also encourages a better viewing experience, resulting in better social media engagement.

Better call to action

Social videos are for more than just watching and sharing. They are extremely effective sales tools for customers to reach your landing page and make a purchase. Embedded calls-to-action are implemented to be platform-specific, so we make sure your videos will work on virtually any social media app, bringing in more leads and customers than ever before.

Cameraman is consulting with his assistant.
Two young models are in front of the professional camera equipment.

Short-form videos

Short-form videos are rising in popularity on social media. These bite-sized reels are attention grabbing and easily watched anywhere and on any platform. Stand out from your competition with perfectly optimized videos that will create memorable impressions, build your following, and attract new customers.

Feed Advertising

Get more from your ad spend with videos optimized for social media feeds. Feed advertising offers high value at a low cost and still provides an exceptional customer viewing experience. We format your videos so they perform perfectly on all social media platforms, and integrate effective calls-to-action that drive customer response.

Corporate video recording is in progress.
Two females are checking their phones.

Social Media Video Marketing

Our social media video expertise means that we understand the specifics of succeeding on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We optimize your video for the proper length and aspect ratios, and create a posting schedule so your video appears before your customers’ eyes when they are most receptive, creating the potential for more likes, shares, and comments.

Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan social media video content?

Helium works with you to plan an effective content strategy that will engage your audience and be sustainable for a long-term impact. Your reels should fit into your overall marketing goals and be shown at the right times throughout your customers' journey. 

Top 5 social media video marketing trends to reach your customers.

  1. Behind the scenes clips
  2. Product teasers
  3. Influencer ads
  4. Explainer reels
  5. Brand challenges

We can explain each of these and other video trends to help your business reach your intended audience. Get started today!

Why are videos better than only having photos?

Photos are wonderful and we cannot do without them. Having videos as part of your social media plan only enhances what you are already doing. Videos are engaging and a fun way to share information and make meaningful connections. They also increase sales and help bring in loyal customers.

Why use behind the scenes video on social media?

It is a fantastic way to make a quick and lasting connection with your audience. Set up a quick touchpoint call below to see how we can take your business sky high with our professional behind the scenes video clips! 

Why should I use video in my business social media marketing plan?

Social media is an ever-changing world. Clips, reels and shorts are becoming a staple for influencers and businesses to use in their marketing strategies. You can tell your story in an engaging and relevant way. 

How will a video help my business gain brand awareness?

Video creates an extra eye-catching quality for your social media platforms. It can tell a story about your company, give inside information to your audience about how your product works or build authentic relationships with your clientele. It is also fun!

How can video help explain my product or service?

Consumers enjoy buying products they understand and can relate to. Showing how your product works or how your service benefits others is simple with a video. A 20-second product teaser is more impactful than a photo alone. Let's explore ideas together!

Do I have to speak in my social media videos?

No! As a matter of fact, silent videos are an increasing trend. Use fun graphics, intriguing captions, and beautiful imagery. We can edit these so they represent your brand strategy and capture the viewers attention. Click the button below to discuss this option and more.