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Most marketing strategies involve some variation of a sales funnel. Customer experience design (CX) goes deeper by establishing the buyer’s relationship with your business. The result is a more engaged customer opinion of your company, making sales easier and customers happier.

Customer Experience Design

Know the touchpoints for better brand experience

CX involves a collaborative approach rather than prescriptive approach which examines all the touchpoints you have with your customer and examines each one for a better brand experience. The goal isn’t to change how you do business, but rather to review and improve the way buyers interact with your company, website and applications.

In an age where positive buying experiences are the difference between top performing brands and cheap alternatives, Customer experience design can dramatically improve the perceived value and your overall profitability.

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UX vs. CX: What’s the difference?

User experience (UX) focuses on how a buyer or customer interacts with a particular touchpoint, such as your website. CX design covers every aspect of your customer touchpoints to ensure they have a rewarding experience.

A deeper understanding of your customers

Your customers experience your products and services in different ways. The key to successful CX optimization is to collect feedback and data throughout the whole buyer journey. Customer journey maps help by providing a comprehensive top-level view of each customer touchpoint, identifying potential pain points that can be addressed and optimized.

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Align your people, processes, and platforms

Build buyer confidence by creating a consistent brand image, more effective communication strategies, and better post-sale support across the entire customer journey. Improving your overall CX design will create a purchase experience that exceeds expectations.

Create memorable interactions

Creating a fantastic customer experience will create enthusiastic brand advocacy that helps you grab more of your market share. Whether in person or on social media, word-of-mouth advertising will help you cut your marketing costs. CX offers a profitable combination of customer loyalty, brand affinity, and increased sales.

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