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eCommerce & Product Photography

Developing product stories through high-quality images created in our photo studio

You've worked hard to develop and source your products. They deserve the best visual representation possible on your eCommerce website, Amazon, or any other online marketplaces.

We capture product shots using a white background, environmental setting, or within lifestyle shots that tell your unique product story. We use photography techniques to highlight all the right elements of your products and capture the customer's focus.

White background product photos displayed on desktop view.

Our goal in creating beautiful product photos is simple: creating authenticity through images that build relationships.

Great photography helps customers feel more connected to your products, improving your conversion rate and reaching higher sales goals. Help your customers take a "digital zoom" on your products with our product photography services.

Our Product Photography Process


Let's chat about your products, product descriptions, online marketplace, customer profiles, and business goals.

Get Started


We'll come up with recommendations on the best way to capture your products and maximize image quality with the proper light source and background.


Our team will shoot your products in our purpose-built studio and send you the link to select the high-quality product photos you want.

Product photo with a white background and shadow.

White background product photography for bright, beautiful product photos

Different products require different types of photography backgrounds. Our photographers use the perfect depth of field and shutter speed to capture the essence of your merchandise on a clean, white background, or other colour, environmental, or lifestyle backdrop for white products or if you want a variety of detailed shots.

Amazing product photography for virtually any product category:

  • Still life photography for any size product
  • Food photography for capturing your delicious creations
  • Professional photography for complex products
Our goal is to enhance the appearance of your products with amazing Ecommerce photography.

Different lighting options for compelling product images

Your products deserve the clearest, most eye-popping visual appearance you can possibly give them. Our team uses natural light, artificial lighting, softer light, or specialized custom light sources to help your products stand out. We have vast experience with white balance light modifiers, light tents, and reflective products for the best best quality product images possible. 

Photo by Alexander Dummer
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Image editing and sizing to your product photography specifications

We use advanced processes in our product photography studio perfect for all types of product shots and image specifications to ensure you meet the advertising guidelines for eCommerce platforms, distributor channels, and advertising placements. The results are amazing images to use on your website, blog post, product descriptions, online store, and more, all optimized for a fast load speed. 

Professional Ecommerce photography studio setup

Our product photographers are fully equipped to capture a range of creative product photography styles, whether we work in our product photography studio or remotely. You can send us your products for us to capture at our location, or we can come to you for a professional product photography shoot in your store, restaurant, bar, or boutique.

Photo by Jess Eddy
Photo by Tom Official

Showcase your business personality with branded images

When it comes to capturing your business’s personality, stock photos just won’t do. A Helium professional photographer will capture and showcase your company’s uniqueness and individuality through team headshots, group shots, offices, showroom, workspaces, and fleets. We’ll create sumptuous shots of your food and beverage items, lifestyle photos of your personal products, and put a strong focus on what sets your company apart.

A collaborative approach to beautiful product photography

Successful product photography relies on nurturing a culture of collaboration. We’ll chart a course to navigate the best way to market your products while keeping you in the pilot’s seat. Our team welcomes the opportunity to answer all your questions, and we'll treat you and your products with utmost professionalism and respect.

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo