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B2B Website Strategy & Design

Websites that sell

Not all websites are created equal. This is especially true with B2B websites, which face a unique set of challenges compared to their B2C counterparts. Helium can help your B2B website stand out from your competitors and help your sales team reach their sales targets.

Sales executives discussing b2b sales with clients.

Turn your B2B website into a conversion-optimized sales tool

B2B and B2C audiences are different. When you sell to other businesses, you’re speaking to a range of highly educated people who are already familiar with your products and services but need to know how your company will help them achieve better results.

Your content also needs to be refined for a business audience. Impactful logo design, explainer videos, case studies, white papers, blog posts, testimonials, social proof, and more play a critical role in decision-making.

Product and service descriptions need to concisely detail what your solution is, how it works, and how it addresses your customer’s specific pain points using a tone and language they understand and will respond to.

In other words, your business needs more than effective website design – it needs a results-driven website strategy that transforms it into a highly efficient lead generation and inbound marketing tool.

That’s why Helium designs B2B websites to engage and inform a business audience and as an essential tool to support your sales team, content strategy, and digital marketing efforts.

What do B2B companies want to learn from your B2B website?

  • How your product or service helps them
  • How your product or service adds value to their customers
  • If they can have a free trial of your product
  • How they can complete the buying process
  • How they can learn more about your products

Helium helps companies like yours reach new customers and get repeat business that boosts profits.

Business success starts with a conversion-optimized website designed specifically for B2B buyers. Let’s chat today about how Helium can help your company reach its business goals.

Our Web Design Process


We’ll lead a thorough discovery session to learn everything about your brand, business, and goals – and have fun while doing it!

Get Started


Our team of developers will present a visual prototype of your website with a thorough review session.


We’ll make sure everything is locked and loaded before we launch your website into the digital world.

Business Ceo researching B2B website strategy over coffee.

Web design that increases buyer confidence

In most cases, company purchasing decisions are made by a committee. Your website strategy will include the information your customers need to solve expensive and time-consuming problems over the long term. Building trust and confidence are crucial in B2B sales – and we’ll help you make that happen with a B2B website design that showcases your expertise on both desktop and mobile devices.

The right mix of media

B2B customers aren’t interested in fancy websites – they want to quickly find the information they need. Provide an exceptional user experience with the right balance of written content, photography, video, and infographics. This will efficiently communicate your solutions without distractions so your target audience will complete the buying process.

B2B buyer watching infographic videos on landing page of potential client's website.
Business women reviewing automated email highlighting a B2B opportunity.

Automated marketing funnels

B2B sales are rarely made on a single website visit. That’s why you’ll stay top of mind with an automated marketing funnel that keeps you in regular contact with your target audience. Once a lead engages with the marketing automation stream, your sales team is alerted so they can get in touch and close the deal. Create as many marketing funnels as you need to cover every customer journey – the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Conversion-designed sales journey

Once prospects land on your website, they’ll begin a sales journey that will lead them to take the action required, such as signing up for your email list, contacting you for more information, requesting a quote, or placing an order right on the website. Regardless of your conversion goals, we’ll help your potential customers get there easily.

B2B sales representive on site conversing with medical firm agents in an office setting.
Business partners reviewing B2B website design options, Cafe setting.

Every technical detail covered

Your B2B website will be fully optimized for reliable performance. This includes fast load time, enhanced security, conformity to Google’s Core Web Vitals, and other necessary technical details that provide an exceptional customer journey. Don’t worry about your website’s backend – we have it all covered. 

Enhance your B2B website performance with these digital B2B marketing services:

SEO strategies

Search engine optimization solutions that help your website soar as close to the top of Google’s search engine rankings as possible for better lead generation

Social media management

Get ready to go viral with integrated social media content that increases traffic to your website and builds your client base

Email marketing

Get your blog post delivered straight to your customers’ inboxes along with other high-quality content we design and broadcast specifically for you

Content marketing

Integrated blog marketing services, social media management, email marketing, and more for a complete online marketing solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ongoing cost to building a WordPress website?

We love teaching business owners or internal communications professionals how to use their websites and how to grow them. After all, your website is only effective if it's kept up to date. We do offer maintenance packages for businesses that simply want that done-for-you service but encourage clients to learn how to use the websites for themselves. You will also probably be paying domain name and web hosting costs which range from $10 to $30 a month for whichever hosting provider you choose. 

How do I find the right web design agency?

There are many differences in people's personalities, technical strengths, and support structures. It's essential to find a web designer you feel good about. As much as we want you to work with us, we know there are many talented professionals, so here is what we recommend you prioritize:

1) Does their website and portfolio show me they have the technical skills?

2) Do they understand my business goals?

3) Is the agency within my price range where I can confidently get the results I'm looking for?

Does my website have to comply with AODA/WCAG 2.1?

In Ontario, you will need to make sure your website is compliant with the accessibility guidelines set up in the AODA and WCAG 2.1 if you have more than 20 employees. This is a big change and has a big impact on the design and functionality of your website. We will help you navigate these regulations to make sure your website is accessible by anyone. 

Do I need a web designer?

Your website reflects your business and hiring a web designer or design agency will help create a professional site that aligns with your business goals. Aside from the technical obstacles in creating a website, web designers understand how visitors navigate your website and shape the website around a great user experience. If you’ve ever tried to write a biography, you know just how hard it is to capture what matters most to others.