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Social Media Advertising Services

Elevate sales and website traffic with targeted social media ads

Paid social media ads are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to make more money.
However, many business owners try to run social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn themselves, only to realize that they couldn’t get positive results. It might be tempting to blame the social networks, but running the right strategy makes your business soar.

The truth is that tangible success with social media ads takes more than simply filling out the form and setting your budget. There’s a real strategy to getting the best return out of your ad spend which many business owners aren’t aware of.

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Why pay for advertising on social media?

  • Instant visibility over organic posts
  • Complete control over who sees your messaging
  • You only pay for ads people click on
  • Better brand recognition with regular visibility on social media news feeds
  • Effectively broadcast your website, blog, and other content
  • Access mobile users when they’re most active online
  • Powerful analytics to help make adjustments where necessary

Learning about paid social media ad strategies can take hours on Google. A better alternative is to hire Helium. We specialize in developing paid social media advertising campaigns that drive your target audience to your website. You’ll also save time, money, and the headache from managing the social media campaign yourself.

Best of all, you’ll increase sales from social media platforms sooner.

Your social media ad has the potential to go viral through liking, commenting, and sharing, spreading your message to thousands – possibly millions – of potential customers, boosting your online presence, return on investment, and conversion rate higher than you ever imagined possible.
Start making more money from digital marketing with social media ads supported by our specialized social media management services.

Connect with a target audience that wants to buy from you

No matter which platform you use, social media contains millions of active users. We make it easy to target specific audiences who want to buy from you. Get your message in front of them when they’re most active online and help push potential customers to your website. We believe that the best traffic from social media networks is from your specific target market to elevate your business and your sales.

Social media content creation that motivates a purchasing decision

We understand who your ideal customer is. Knowing your target audience enables us to create visually impactful ads that catch their attention when scanning their social platforms. Whether using custom photos, graphic design, or video production, your ad will be supported by conversion-optimized messaging that concisely captures your offer, formatted to motivate action within seconds.

Paid social media ads for all social media channels

Just as each social media platform is different, each social media campaign must be uniquely crafted for where you run your social media ad. Whether you want to run advertising campaigns with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, or ads on most other social networks, we focus on developing paid social media ads that maximize the ROI on your ad spend.

Fully managed with all the work done for you

We make social media ad management easy by doing all the heavy lifting for you, but you’ll always make the final decisions. We’ll collaborate on a tailored social media ad strategy for the most appropriate social media platforms that will help you meet your business objectives. With Helium, you get partners who are as passionate about your success as you are.

Maximize social media success by pairing paid ads with these digital marketing strategies:

  • Social media marketing
    Fuel brand visibility with a social media strategy that includes creative content updates, timely responses to comments, and connections with other influential users
  • Social media account creation services
    Start on social media channels with a profile to help you stand out, with all technical requirements fulfilled for you
  • Google Ads Management
    Paid Google ads that keep you visible to the right audience, giving you quick gains, sustainable results, and better SEO
  • Content marketing services
    Integrated social media management, blog posts, email marketing, and more for a complete online marketing solution that converts your target audience

It’s easy to get started with a social media advertising strategy with Helium! Just press the Sign Up button and our social media experts will be in touch to help you start making money.

Social Media Advertising Services Included:

  • Kickoff to discuss goals and strategy
  • Creation of 2-3 channel-specific ads
  • Configuration of audience targeting & tracking
  • Account review and optimization
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Monthly checkpoint call
$599.00 / month
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