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Social Media Account Creation & Strategy Service

You’ve probably heard that you only get one chance to make a first impression. This axiom applies to your social media accounts as well. If your social media profile is incomplete, confusing, or doesn’t reflect your brand correctly, you could be missing out on thousands of potential followers and customers from each social media platform.

All social media platforms allow you to make instant connections with your audience through your social media profile that includes a crisp profile picture, compelling biography, links, and hashtags. Plus, a complete social media profile helps your social media channels stay visible to Google, giving your search rankings a lift.

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Our Social Media Account Creation Services help you create a solid social media presence on:

  • Instagram business page
  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn page
  • LinkedIn profile
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business
  • Pinterest

Helium will help your social media accounts stand out with a profile that properly reflects your brand, giving your social media accounts their best chance at turning visitors into potential customers for an affordable, one-time fee.

Comprehensive discovery session

Let’s chat to discover what you want from your social media content and who your target audience is. We’ll help you determine which mix of social media platforms would be the best for your small business or growing enterprise and create fully optimized social media profiles for each one.

Complete social media profile development

Your profile will be rich with content, including custom-designed cover and profile images, keyword-rich username or profile URL, biography and description, and relevant hashtags. Best of all, your profile will perfectly align with your brand image to ensure you get followers from qualified social media users who want to buy from you.

Back-end technical details on social channels handled for you

Setting up social media profiles involves more than what your followers see on your page. Technical registrations, platform configurations, and other essential social media tools on social channels make a significant difference in having a strong social media presence. It’s a one-time process that we’ll take care of, so all you have to do is start posting content to your target audience on your preferred social media sites.

The best social strategy for small business owners

When you’re growing your small business, you have more pressing things to do than try to figure out how to set up and configure your social media accounts. Our Social Media Account Creation Services save you the time and effort of doing it yourself, giving you better performance and robust infrastructure for your social media content. Focus on growing your small business and leave setting up your social media networks to us.

Support your social media account profiles by pairing this service with:

  • Social Media Marketing
    Fuel brand visibility with a social media strategy that includes content creation, management of social posts, and connections with other influential social media users
  • Social Media Management
    Get ready to go viral with integrated social media content that increases users/customers to your website and builds your client base
  • Content Marketing Services
    Integrated social media management, blog management, email marketing, and more for a complete online marketing strategy for your business
  • Blog Writing and Management Services
    Professional blog management that includes topic generation, blog post writing and posting, giving you perfect content for your digital marketing strategy

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Helium will get your social media platforms up and running in no time, along with exceptional customer service from your trusted partner in digital marketing.

Social Media Account Creation & Strategy Service Included:

  • Kickoff to discuss goals and strategy
  • Design of social media artwork
  • Search and claiming of profile URLs and usernames
  • Optimized writing for bios and all other important fields
  • Support with gaining initial followers and connecting with current customers
  • Hashtag research