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How to Be Natural on Camera

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Ann Lang

Ann is a freelance radio, TV, and podcast producer. Her work has been featured on CBC, The Globe and Mail, OWN Canada, Investigation Discovery, and The Cable Public Affairs Channel.

Course Modules

Module #1: Introduction

Duration: 3:15

An introduction to acting natural on camera outlines key performance features, including eye contact and a practice activity.

Module #2: Working From a Script or Creating Outlines

Duration: 3:36

Master the art of script writing, storytelling and vocal range through the second video in this series.

Module #3: Looking & Sounding Professional

Duration: 2:57

In this final instalment of the series you’ll learn how to dress, talk and present yourself professionally on camera.

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The Course Includes

  • Modules 3
  • Duration 9:48
  • Skills Beginner
  • Language English