Instant responses make for higher conversion rates

Customers coming to your website are looking for information – and they want it fast through real-time conversations. Chatbots elevate the customer experience by providing on-demand information 24/7 through an efficient, AI-driven platform while collecting valuable customer insights.

Chatbots & Conversational Marketing

Conversational chatbots based on artificial intelligence

We know that chatbots need to be fun to use, so we’ll ensure yours has a real personality using the same language and terms your company uses. Consider our chatbot technology as an extension of your customer service and sales teams, reducing inquiries and moving prospects faster through the customer journey.

Get Started


Helium offers a comprehensive discovery process that covers every one of your business needs and goals.


Our development team creates, tests, and demonstrates your new chatbot to ensure you’re happy with the final product.


We’ll launch your chatbot on your website or Facebook page to get your marketing strategy converting more.

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Start more conversations

People like talking to other people. That’s why our automated chatbots give your customers a human-like customer service experience. Users start the conversation at the press of a button and receive a warm greeting from the chatbot. It will then ask the right questions, respond in a courteous, humanlike fashion, and provide the exact information the customer is looking for. Conversational marketing builds relationships – all through the power of AI.

Communicate across channels

Our chatbots can be used on your website or Facebook to proactively offer to help customers find products or answer their questions. Each personalized interaction will be professional and respectful and keep up with your customers’ requests. It will be just like having a human interaction – except that the bot will be able to help hundreds of customers all at once.

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Gain valuable customer insights

The conversation between your customer and your chatbot provides a window into your customer’s needs and wants, important demographic information, and user experience feedback. Use this data to further optimize your customer interactions, online experience, and product improvements.

Strap in for a conversational marketing experience like no other

Create an engaging online experience for your customers with an AI chatbot designed to increase sales.

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