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Mental Friction

Saint Marie

Michael Wood at Helium Video is a consummate professional. His depth of understanding on the digital video platform is solid. Michael helped us with many facets in the development and launch of several key corporate and entertainment videos and walked us through the method and process of getting traction and retention online with that work. His accolades include producing and launching a music video that received over 100,000 hits in under sixty days and bumping the group’s following significantly. At the same time he developed a plan that had the group featured across many social media platforms and networks. Michael and his team at Helium know how to plan, develop and execute on a budget! I strongly recommend these guys for any business that needs to get into the game and make an impact.

Phil Pietrasiak
Band Manager

Company Overview

MF’s hard charging alt rock sound is defined by exceptional songwriting and rock solidvocals. The group’s growing popularity on social media with their latest tracks This Is My House and Saint Marie recognizes their unique sound and is attracting a rabid fan base across North America.

The January debut of the Saint Marie video attracted over 10K views in just 5 days. The banjo-driven rock anthem with haunting vocals is introducing the MF sound to thousands of new fans who can’t get enough of MF’s pulsating tear-it-up sound.

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