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C.J. Skatepark

Kids Being Kids

Michael was incredibly great to work with! Both his professionalism and work ethic were the best.
His willingness to take on any challenge we gave him including meeting our unrealistic deadlines were always met and handled extremely professionally. His final product was one the best we have had and I or my team would not hesitate to recommend working with Michael and his team.

Jay Mandarino
President & CEO

Company Overview

One of Canada’s largest indoor skateboard facilities with over 28,000 square feet! Features include:

– 12′ Vert ramp.
– Insane 2-level roll in to foam pit.
– 3′, 4′, & 6′ mini ramps with a 3′ spine and bowl!
– Street course with funbox, flatbar, 5 set, goofy and regular bank to hubbas.
– Street course vert wall, kinked round rail, step up, and 4 ft quarterpipe.
– Several extensions and moveable obstacles
– *New wallie ledge and pyramid!
– Full service Pro-Shop with a great product selection to keep you rolling smoothly.

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