Agency Partnership Program

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

– Michael Jordan

A message from Michael, founder of Helium

Together we grow

Helium was started in 2016 based on a vision of growing a digital agency that offered top-tier services while supporting a close network of creative partners. At the time, I was working back-of-house as a subcontractor for a number of agencies. I loved what I did but found it difficult to deliver the quality of service without working more closely with the client and account managers directly.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with some of the freelancers who worked at the same agencies and established new relationships to build a refined process for helping clients achieve results. In this new model, I wanted to support each other’s businesses each of us would have our own clients as well as keeping each other busy by collaborating on projects together. This allowed us to take on larger projects and let me focus on my strengths rather than trying to do it all myself.

I’m passionate about building strong relationships and delivering an unparalleled client experience. By becoming an agency partner, you’ll not only be accessing an opportunity for new projects but entering a community of like-minded professionals.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Partner Enrolment Application

I’ve got a new project and I need some help with the web component. Can you help?

Absolutely! Did you want us to manage the web project or just create something for you?

How it all works

Are you a good fit?

Not everyone is a good fit and we understand that. We look for relationships with like-minded professionals that are interested in growing together. Our partners work together frequently and need to be able to collaborate sharing knowledge and techniques.

What’s expected?

We expect all our partners to operate with enthusiasm and professionalism. Our goal is to help you focus on your strengths so we need to know what you’re good at. Our partners need demonstrate expertise in their area through past work and maintain good relationships with all clients.

What’s in it for me?

We understand that your client relationships are everything and once you’ve demonstrated yourself, they often want to you do everything for them. This can be tough to get consisent results taking on different projects that are outside your core skills. That’s where strategic partnerships are here to support you. You can reach out whenever you need help on a project.

How will this help to grow my business?

We maintain close relationships with our partners to both refer work out to and provide support as needed. As projects come in, we incorporate services from our partners to drive better results for our clients. If you have a project that you need support, you can hire us to assist you or earn a referral commission when referring a project over.

What are the costs?

There are no costs. Some of our partners do offer a referral commission program which we always appreciate but this is not nessessary. Our partner program is simply a process to make sure we can work with the right creative partners.

I’ve got a client that needs something and I’m not sure I can handle the project right now. Can I send them to you?

Sure! We can take over the project and build your services in or if it’s simplier, we’ll pay you a referral commision.

Our Trusted Creative Professionals

Michael Wood

Michael Wood ( he / him / his )


Emma Kleinhans

Emma Kleinhans ( she / her / hers )

Social Media Manager

Maria Dueck

Maria Dueck ( she / her / hers )


Nick Gounezis

Nick Gounezis ( he / him / his )

Growth Marketing Specialist

Derick Badze

Derick Badze ( he / him / his )

UX Design Specialist, edgeBD

Emily Milling

Emily Milling ( she / her / hers )

Podcast Producer, The Ultimate Creative

Hollie Hoadley

Hollie Hoadley ( she / her / hers )

Brand Strategist, Creative Solutions

Meg Matera

Meg Matera ( she / her / hers )

Photographer, Meg Matera Photography

Patience Badze

Patience Badze ( she / her / hers )

Brand Development Expert, edgeBD

Richard Todd

Richard Todd ( he / him / his )

Content Lead, The Editor's Desk

I need some help preparing a marketing plan for one of our clients. Can I have you look it over for me?

Send it over and I’ll let you know if anything stands out ????