What We’re About

From concept to production to marketing

We help your business attract a larger audience, leave a memorable impression, and drive more sales. The Helium Approach will ensure your videos are compelling, and that your video marketing strategy reaches your audience on the platforms they use most.

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The Modern Production Approach You Need to Stand Out

Our difference is simple: we don’t follow an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. At Helium Video, we pride ourselves on being early adopters of new innovations before they become mainstream.

By embracing emerging technology early, we’re able to carry out thorough testing and analysis to ensure that these trends are a good fit for our solutions at a price point that won’t blow marketing budgets. Only then will we present our findings to our clients and, if approved, provide a seamless installation geared to increase efficiency, productivity, and ROI. The result is a system that puts our client ahead of the pack, using innovations the competition hasn’t even heard of yet.

We Work with Some Great Organizations

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We’re Proud of What We Do

It all started with a vision. With determined focus, the willingness to innovate, truly talented professionals, and a client-focused approach to everything we do, we’ve created a company that continues to move businesses forward in the ever-evolving digital environment.

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Let’s rise to the top together!

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